Untitled (Monterey)


I watched an inordinate amount of Animal Planet as a kid, and I loved it when my parents took us to the local zoo. Aquariums, on the other hand, always felt disappointing; the green-gray portal views never measured up to the vibrant colors I’d see on tv or in photographs. But my first time visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium completely changed my opinion. I’d gone multiple times since it’s a short drive away from the Bay Area, once even getting the chance to crawl along the beams of their tuna research center above the tanks holding the massive tuna. But for me the most iconic and dazzling sight is their glowing jellyfish. One of my favorite pictures is a silhouette of my dad taking a photo of them, backlit by the orange and blue. Growing up, my parents organized a bunch of road trips for us, and this was one of the first itineraries I’d put together to share my favorite parts of California when they visited. It made me so happy to share this gem with my family.