Rock Health

Summer 2021

I was a Research Fellow. I analyzed data on venture deals, M&A activity, and IPOs/SPACs in digital health.


Gaining a bird’s-eye view of the latest trends in healthcare innovation; researching how AI is used for clinical decision support; and publishing public pieces on startup funding activity and startups supporting LGBTQ+ patients’ healthcare needs.


2018 - 2020

I was a Program Manager for Azure Machine Learning. I worked to make it easier to wrangle your data, explore it, and prepare it for machine learning. I also drove efforts to build data tooling to support Responsible AI practices.


Being part of the core team that got diversity and inclusion efforts off the ground for my organization; evolving it into a culture club by helping set out the charter and governance principles; presenting at conferences (one with over 900 attendees! my first ever time having a stage manager prepare me) and running multi-day workshops; working closely with multiple dev teams in a short amount of time; and taking multiple features from conception to launch.

Civis Analytics

Summer 2017

As a Product Management Intern, I contributed to the Civis Platform, a workbench for data scientists. Specifically, I kicked off the product development process for a new feature (git integration), managing it from conception to design to MVP. Doing so included conducting user testing alongside designers, creating user stories, and working with engineering teams to scope the MVP.

Outside of my core project, I helped ship the Python 2 and R kernels for hosted Jupyter Notebooks on the Civis Platform; conducted market analysis on data science platforms; and added to the data-drivenness of the PM team by developing metrics and automated reporting for my features.


Being inspired by thought leaders within data science and by deeply passionate data scientists who care about civic engagement and politics.


Summer 2016

I received a Stanford in Government fellowship to serve at the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). There, I worked within the Center for Urban Innovation, which partners with the private sector to identify and launch programs to diversify and strengthen NYC’s economy.

During my time there, I developed strategy and research for 2 verticals: healthcare and financial technology. In particular, I dove into public records to investigate mergers and acquisition activity of hospital networks and incentives other fintech-strong cities offered to small businesses in order to identify opportunities to better support industry within NYC.


Taking a behind-the-scenes look at how initiatives happens in the public sector and how decisions are made at a local level. Learning from and having a community of fellow urban enthusiasts.

Counsyl (acquired by Myriad Genetics)


I took time away from college to be a Product Design Intern at Counsyl where I worked on myriad projects including ethnographic research within ob/gyn clinics and information design for our billing webpage.


Getting lots of responsibility as an intern to influence product decisions, travel, and be client-facing. Working with brilliant designers, scientists, and devs on the cutting-edge of health tech. Having a tight-knit team that cares about professional and personal growth.