Counsyl — Insurance and Billing

tags: mockups, a/b testing, user research, interaction design

Our goal

To promote price transparency and, specifically, to demystify insurance billing for patients; to relieve physicians of the burden of answering insurance-related questions; and to decrease Counsyl’s support inquiry volume by addressing the top-asked questions.

My part

I was brought to help create wireframes and interaction design for a public-facing, interactive webpage that would serve as a support tool for patients and providers alike. The domain of what content should be included had already been scoped by the Technical Product Manager, who knew the nature of support inquiries well. My job was to ensure that the webpage was navigable and had good flow. I then did a knowledge transfer to another designer, who carried it through the build and launch phase.

The story

Paying for healthcare is notoriously complicated. On top of this existing confusion, Counsyl had a unique insurance billing process that promotes price transparency, an unprecedented feature within the healthcare industry to empower patients. Unfortunately, because it’s unique, many patients didn’t know what to expect and how to navigate the payment options available to them.

Our solution

Because my internship was coming to an end, I handed off wireframes, research, and sketches to other designers and engineers on my team to carry forward. You can see the outcome of our work at this web archive from 2016.

My process


  • Make insurance billing easy to understand
  • Scope and ship the project within 6 weeks
  • Maintain consistency with current website and web navigation

Creative Exploration

  • Tested different formats
  • Led co-creation sessions to get different perspectives on what the resource needs to contain
  • Dug through top support inquiries to address

User Testing

  • Conducted usability testing
  • Gathered feedback and iterated on the design


  • Synthesized learnings and findings from user testing
  • Shipped final wireframes and mocks to be coded up